Contrôles de test et de qualité

Quality Control and Transformer Tests

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In Datsan Transformer, we apply routine tests to each transformer according to IEC60076. We apply type tests and many other special test additionally in case of customer request. In case of type and/or special test request, the expenses born by the customers unless its not specified in the contract. The test results are automaticaly saved into our database. This database can be monitored by our engineers anytime. Our customers can view test results of their products anytime via our website (in case of autorization request to online monitoring, please contact to our technical dept.)

Routine Tests:

  • Measuring of winding resistances,
  • Measuring of insulation resistances,
  • Measuring of transformer turn ratios,
  • Measuring of short circuit impedance,
  • Measuring of no load losses (NLL),
  • Measuring of load losses (LL),
  • Inducted voltage test,
  • Applied voltage test.

Type Tests:

  • Temperature rise test,
  • Impulse voltage test,
  • Short circuit witstand test;

Special Tests:

  • Measuring of sound level,
  • Measurement of zero sequence impedance,

À propos de Datsan

Datsan Transformer a été créé en 1992. Plus de 10 000 transformateurs travaillent dans le réseau depuis douzaine d'années.

Nous fournissons un soutien technique et commercial 7/24 à nos clients. Rejoignez-nous et profitez de la qualité.


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