Magnetic core

Magnetic Core

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The silicon sheets we use to realize the core, are enter to our warehouse in cutted and stacked form according to our design. After many routine tests and visual inspection they moves through our manufacturing line to become a part of active part. Sometimes we purchase CRGOs in sheet form instead of stacked core. In this case, our qualified workers make the core in core assemblying line.

Silicon Steels We Use in Our Transformers:

Code :

  • M3,
  • M4,
  • M5,
  • M0H

Thickness of the CRGOs in mm:

  • 0.18,
  • 0.23,
  • 0.27,
  • 0.30

Design Models and Type : Core type (standard) / Shell Type (Optional) 

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Datsan Transformer has been established in 1992 especially to work in electricity industy. It has finished dozens of project successfully till 2006 and started to manufacture distribution transformers in 2006.

Datsan has manufactured over 10 thousand of distribution transformers till today and exported to more than 15 countries.

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