CSP Transformers

CSP (Completely Self Protected) Transformers

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General Specifications:

CSP (Completely Self Protected) transformers manufacturing single phase as generally. We provide Datsan CSP transformers suitable for pad and/or pole mounted. Designs can be either hermetically or with conservator tank. CSP transformers are suitable to use for rural area, railway systems etc.

Advantages of CSP (Completely Self Protected) Transformers: 

  • Internal overload protection,
  • Internal high voltage/flash protection,
  • Internal over load and over heat protection and signalization,
  • Internal short-circuit protection,
  • Economical transmission line requirement (1 phase instead of 3 phase line)

Datsan CSP Transformers :

  • Suitable as pad either pole mounted,
  • Can be designed as core or shell type,
  • Windings are copper or aluminum,
  • Tank can be manufactured as circular or rectangular,
  • Can be manufactured dry type or oil immersed type.

About Datsan

Datsan Transformer has been established in 1992. More than 10 thousand transformer works in the network since dozen years.

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