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Datsan Elektrik Co.Ltd., has been established in 1992 and it has started its activities with supplying of medium voltage electrical equipment. Datsan participated dozens of contract which owned of Turkish Electricity Distribution Company and it had successfully completed these contracts that the today's cost approximately $ 20.000.000,00. Datsan has founded substation and transformer maintenance and repair workshop in 1997 and It has started to manufacturing in the last quarter of 2005 at its new factory.

Datsan has acquired extensive experience of positive and negative properties of each brand during Datsan's 13 years maintenance and repair business life. We use this experience for all the products we design and manufacture. We are developing our IT infrastracture everyday to be in sync with global transformer market. We plan to complete our ERP infrastructure which we have started in 2010, in the first quarter of 2011 (ERP infrastructure has been completed on March 2012). The largest purpose for doing this investment are; Pulling the inventory costs to the possible lowest level, Improve the planning of production to more efficient level to convert order-production-quality control-delivery cycle to the perfect level. Please browse products section to see other products that we supply.

Datsan Hakkında

Datsan Trafo 1992 yılında genelde enerji, özelde elektrik alanında faaliyet göstermek üzere kurulmuştur. 2006 yılına kadar binlerce projeyi başarı ile tamamlamış ve 2006 yılında dağıtım trafosu üretimine başlamıştır. 

Datsan bugüne kadar 10 binin üzerinde trafo üretmiş ve ürettiği ürünleri 15'i aşkın ülkeye ihraç etmiştir. 

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