DMCR / RIS Transformer compact protection device

DMCR/RIS Transformer compact protection device

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DMCR by another name its called RIS is used with hermetically type transformers as a protection and monitoring device. It used to monitoring or measuring parameters below:

  • Oil level,
  • Gas content,
  • Tank pressure,
  • Oil temperature.

DMCR/RIS equipped with electrical contacts below:

  • Tank pressure,
  • Oil temperature,
  • Oil level.


About us

Datsan Transformer has been established in 1992 and its one of the transformer manufacturer in Turkey. It has finished dozens of project successfully till 2006 and started to manufacture distribution transformers in 2006.

Datsan has manufactured over 10 thousand of distribution transformers till today and exported to more than 40 countries.

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Datsan Elk.İnş Tic.Ltd.Şti.
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Kızıltepe, 47400 Mardin TURKEY

T : +90 (482) 215 3188
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